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Fonction 1:

Audit / Conseil

Fonction 2:

Audit / Conseil

Niveau d’expérience requis : De 3 à 5 ans
Niveau d’études: Bac +5 et plus

Secteur d’activité : Comptabilité / Audit
Région : Kénitra et région
Publication : du
03/12/2019 au 03/02/2020
Type de formation: Ecole d’ingénieur

Type de contrat : CDI
Pays : Maroc
Postes proposés : 1
Poste avec Management : Oui

Entreprise :

COFICAB is a best-in-class world leader in the manufacturing and sales of automotive cables and wires. The company is a member of the Tunisian multinational industrial group, ELLOUMI Group, founded in 1946. COFICAB Group’s footprint expands over 11 countries all over the world. The group is number one worldwide in its capacity as a tier 2 supplier to most of the big players in the automotive industry.

The HR department’s first priority is to support COFICAB in meeting its strategic goals and implementing its vision, through taking care of its most valuable resource: its people.

COFICAB employs over 3000 people worldwide. We excel at finding and continuously developing outstanding talent.

Adresse :

Poste :

Job purpose:

Calculates and monitors overall plant industrial and fianancial performance results and provides management with reliable, accurate and timely  performance indicators and business analysis required for decision making process. Leads plant budget and costing developement and controls budget utilization and deployment in order to meet plant objectives in line with corporate strategy.

Main Activities:

* Develops and implements business reporting procedure including reporting time table and defines key business mesures for performance monitoring. Checks regulary and monitors data accuracy for key business performance indicators to ensure its integrity and effectiveness;

* Calculates, communicates and monitors benchmarking performance indicators and prepares regular and adhoc management reporting on plant overall performance;

* Contributes to the development of budget management procedures in line with corporate strategy and policy. Support the plant departments in the preparation of their budgets by providing  appropriate informations and predefined budget targets. Coordinates and follows up budget consolidation and approval process.

Profil recherché :

Educational Background (or equivalent level):

* Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Finance, Economics, Business Administration;

Required Experience: 

3-5 years as Plant Controlling Manager Position.

Functional and Technical Competencies:

Cost accounting, Budgeting, Accounting (principles and practices), Tax procedures, Business planning, wire production processes (awarness), Internal controls system, Analytical and problem solving skills, Financial data analysis, Reporting skills, Risk Management, Organizational skills.

Language and Software Skills:

* MS Office Softwares ( Excel, Words, PPT, ..), BI applications, ERP, MES

* English is a must.

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