Finance Operations Manager M/F – Egypt – Cairo

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Fonction 1:

Sport / Loisirs (métiers de)

Fonction 2:

Niveau d’expérience requis : De 5 à 10 ans
Niveau d’études: Bac +5 et plus

Secteur d’activité : Comptabilité / Audit
Région : Autres régions
Publication : du
29/02/2020 au 29/04/2020
Type de formation: Non renseigné

Type de contrat : CDI
Pays : Égypte
Postes proposés : 1
Poste avec Management : Non

Entreprise :

Our client is a regional group operating in entertainment & show broadcasting. The group is looking for a Finance Operation Manager based in Egypt.

Adresse :

Immeuble Plein Ciel 8 rue Ali Abderrazak Quartier Racine

Poste :

  • Receive and manage all correspondences, invoices, and documents and direct them with the director’s approval to the relevant staff for implementation
  • Follow the transfers with the banks to ensure payments and inform recipients
  • Efficiently and timely respond to all communications of third parties and other internal parties, on payments or queries on their status,
  • Manage the overall electronic and hard copy functional Filing/Archiving system adequately, with all supporting documents, copies, and approvals,
  • Manage an adequate review system and control on all methods of payments prior to actual implementation,
  • Work closely with other internal and external parties to ensure proper review and control of all financial and administrative processes before payments
  • Manage daily journal entries on the system (Ensure the recording of all payment’s transactions on Financial Operating System)
  • Prepare monthly financial reports on monthly payments and do monthly comparison analysis Handle External and Internal Auditors requirements
  • Follow up with the procurement system and maintain documentation and follow up with Services Department and the General Secretary Office
  • Support the Treasury Manager with bank transfers and needed documentations and provide monthly bank statements
  • Efficiently manage a team of accountants

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